Project Overview
Resonate is a three-screen video installation that was created for the purpose of my Final Year project when I was studying Creative Digital Media in TU Blanchardstown. I was then asked to display the installation in the Digital Hub in Dublin, which was an amazing experience and a great honour for my first big project. I wanted to do a documentary about emotional influence in Electronic music, something raw and honest that reflects a deeper side to the ever-growing genre. However, being so creatively influenced by going to Electronic music gigs, I wanted to make the project more immersive on a grander scale and turn it into more of an art piece that was similar to that experience. I decided the project would be on three screens, with the documentary on the middle screen, and abstract motion graphics on the other two screens. I had little experience with motion graphics, certainly not of elaborate nature, so it was challenging but incredibly rewarding as I found a new passion alongside my video work. The interviews consisted of opinions from four Irish DJ’s and producers who shared their insights on their work in electronic music, and how it influences them emotionally. The interviews featured Fran Hartnett, Cailín, Rustal (Peter Sweeney) and Jack Dunne, who all contributed original music to the project.
“Resonate is a three-screen video installation by Riona Long delving into the experiences and influences of a group of electronic music producers and DJ’s. Electronic music, due to its highly digitized nature, is more tightly integrated into our everyday digital lives than any other creative form. The documentary explores the emotional input and output in electronic music contrasting with the more alienating notions of technology it is often associated with, focusing more so on the human aspects involving emotional connection and community. RESONATE’s interviews, live footage and digital graphics explore how human values like emotion and a sense of community thrive within the resolutely artificial and synthetically generated art-form of electronic music. By doing so, it suggests that electronic music culture provides a marker for how we handle contemporary anxieties around the machine.”
Screen A (Documentary)
This was the documentary section of the installation that was displayed on the middle screen.
Screen  B + C (Visuals)
These visuals were presented on the left and right screens, either side of the documentary
Resonate Installation in the Digital Hub
This is a video of what the installation looked like when it was set up before the launch of the installation in the Digitial Hub.
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